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Avoiding Human Error

Submitted By Jenkins User Kuldeep Sharma
Automating manual development activities with Jenkins.
Organization: International digital agency serving a large roster of global clients
Industries: Retail Banking
Programming Languages: Java, Node.js, Swift, Kotlin
Platform: : Android, iOS, Mac, Windows
Version Control System: BitBucket Server, GitHub
Build Tools: Gradle, Fastlane
Community Support: Jenkins Users Google Group or IRC Chat, websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Building DevOps confidence by automating existing processes.

Background: Building, testing, code scanning, and code delivery were all done manually for this bank before this digital agency stepped in. There was no automated way of doing all of these tasks, compounded with the fact that different teams were involved to complete each piece. The concern was that running these complex pieces manually can – and did – result in human errors like typos, wrong execution orders, etc. We knew we had to integrate everything on one platform and reduce the potential for error.

Goals: For this client, we were looking to enhance the banking experience for their customers.

Solution & Results: Introducing Jenkins as a CI/CD platform helped us to integrate and automate all executions. Starting from the code commit to the final artifact, everything is now automated. We have integrated Jenkins with the app center to store the final apps (both Android and iOS) and can now simply send confirmation to internal teams that the new version is uploaded to the center.

After this implementation, all teams are happy and can now focus on what they are supposed to do. We are continuously seeing the improvements in the Jenkins ecosystem. For example, the Azure Key Vault integration with Jenkins is going to help us in secret management while we start migrating our stuff to the cloud in the future.

The client was really happy to see the changes in overall delivery speed along with quality after introducing Jenkins.
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Kuldeep Sharma, DevOps Lead

For this project we focused on:

  • Build automation
  • Testing and code scanning
  • Integration with functional automation framework
  • Integration with artifact manager to store build artifacts automatically
  • Visualization of build and release trends

Using Jenkins yielded many great results, including:

  • reduced error rate with automation
  • increased quantity of builds from an average of two per week to four or five a day
  • faster feedback to the dev/test team in the early stages of development
  • improved product quality as a result of early and frequent feedback

The client was really happy to see the changes in overall delivery speed along with quality after introducing Jenkins. After this implementation, there was more trust and confidence in introducing and suggesting the changes for automation in existing processes.