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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipelines

Submitted By Jenkins User Gyan Gupta
The India-based R\&D unit of a well-known luxury car brand leaned on Jenkins to get them from point A to point B faster and with more accuracy.
Organization: Germany-based international automobile manufacturer
Team Members: Rishabh Rastogi, Principal Consultant, Sourabh Gupta, Senior Consultant, Sakthi Ramakrishnan, Senior Consultant
Industries: Automobile
Programming Languages: Java, Python
Platform: : Linux
Version Control System: Bitbucket Server
Build Tools: Maven
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

One-day deployments with builds taking only minutes, Jenkins makes auto R\&D easy.

Background: We were using a legacy application which, when compared to today's modern standards, was slow and inefficient. Even copy jobs themselves would typically take hours to complete, even when automated.

Goals: To automate the end-to-end deployments for all of our environments.

Solution & Results: Using Jenkins, integration between multiple environments was done with very manual intervention and set up. It was done using a master pipeline and it runs smoothly, and saves me time and effort.

I used Jenkins as an integration tool. First I installed slave agents on my target servers and connected all the required interfaces like Artifactory, Bitbucket, etc. This setup works on a single click. I even automated post-deployment verifications. It made my life and this project so much easier.

Jenkins solved all the obstacles and the need for manual intervention. It also helped to overcome network delay.
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Gyan Gupta, Principal Consultant, Automotive Research & Development

Of note: the Jira plugin made life easy and it was simple to generate Allure reports and publish them on Confluence.

The results are the true selling point! They include:

  • deployment efficiency with same day turnaround
  • build is performed in couple of minutes
  • user notifications sent automatically
  • delivery alert triggered to Ops team
  • runtime reports generated and sent effortlessly