Jenkins is the way to accelerate image analysis

AI-powered Image Segmentation and Labeling

Submitted By Jenkins User Thomas Goigoux
A global leader in engineering consulting and R\&D services uses continuous integration and built and test methodology to help the world's leading industry players in their digital transformation.
Organization: AKKA I\&S, <>
Industries: Industrial Services
Programming Languages:
Platform: : Windows
Version Control System: GitLab
Build Tools: Ant
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Introducing continuous integration to accelerate innovation and time-to-market of products and services for the industrial world.

Background: My company, AKKA I&S, provides engineering and technology consulting services to customers worldwide. We offer research and development, project management, documentation, technical infrastructure, studies, information systems, logistics, analysis, diagnostics, and operational support. For this particular client, we needed continuous integration to deliver our product faster and integrate it into the company's main software. It is the first time we have ever used CI.

Goals: To automatically segment and labelize life science images.

"Jenkins is a powerful tool with a fancy interface! It really accelerates your integration." Thomas Goigoux, Software Engineer, AKKA I&S

Solution & Results: To faster integrate we used Jenkins CI instead of a programmed build-per-day. This solution allows us to gain an important amount of time. We build and test each time modifications are pushed on our GitLab, and the QA has direct access to the last built branch to test. The UI of Jenkins is very clear and easy to use.

Jenkins is a powerful tool with a fancy interface! It really accelerates your integration.
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Thomas Goigoux, Software Engineer, AKKA I&S

There is so much more we will use with Jenkins, but for this initial program our results are probably typical for early Jenkins installations:

  • automatized builds on every committed branch instead of one of all day branches
  • cycles (Dev-Review-QA) are shortened from 1-2 days to few hours
  • the first step to CI in our company