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Continuous Integration Platform

Submitted By Jenkins User Antoine Pritzy
Administrator turns to Jenkins to create a completely open source CI platform.
Team Members: Thomas Daget/Database administrator/Vetoquinol
Industries: IT
Programming Languages: Java, Python, PhP
Platform: : Linux
Version Control System: Subversion
Build Tools: Ant
Community Support: websites & blogs

A CI platform to improve quality and control fueled by Jenkins.

Background: I wanted to ensure a successful development of the continuous integration platform. I chose Jenkins because it is the best tool for this. My objective is to improve the quality of the source code and allow the managers to check the work of the developers.

Goals: Checking the quality of the source code of the company's applications.

Solution & Results: I solved these challenges thanks to some assistance from others as well as relying on the documentation of a Jenkins server. With the diversity of plugins in Jenkins, almost anything is possible. Ant is also a perfect tool to manage the linters or other tools.

I relied on Jenkins to help me with these key capabilities:

"My project with Jenkins is completely open source. Jenkins is very flexible with a lot of technologies.
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Antoine Pritzy, Jenkins Administrator, Vetoquinol
  • Warnings Next Generations is a very good plugin for visualizing warnings or errors in code for differents languages
  • Perfpublisher provides beautiful graphics for the strength of an application
  • Publish HTML report provides a good web interface for tools which need it

I was pleased with the results, which included:

  • improved product quality
  • managers finally being able to understand the code
  • a fully-functional continuous integration platform