Jenkins is the way to achieve a fast pace and deliver value through automation

Zenvia Conversational Cloud

Submitted By Jenkins User Alexandre Mioranza
For this leading customer automation platform in Latin America, automation was the key to DevOps success.
Team Members: SREs: Leonardo Leggli and Luis Laimer
Industries: Services
Programming Languages: Java, Node.js
Platform: : Docker or Kubernetes, Linux
Version Control System: Bitbucket Server
Build Tools: Gradle
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Automating – and accelerating – application builds, delivery and infrastructure to deliver value.

Background: At our customer services software company, we need to be able to automate as much as we can as possible to make customer onboarding a pleasant process. Our platform needs to be fast and reliable. For that, we decided to use pipelines to:

  • Automate the new environment
  • Set user accounts
  • Automatically communicate to our customers
  • Accelerate the processes for new user/customer onboarding

Goals: Create a chatbot platform.

Solution & Results: The solution we came up with includes:

The flexibility of Jenkins and Jenkins plugins let us deliver incredible products. It makes our life easier by automating all the toil we had.
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Alexandre Mioranza, SRE, ZenviaName
  • A repository
  • User accounts creation
  • Deployment of 3 microservices
  • Customer-generated API keys
  • Customer notification of all the information they need to access and use the platform

We implemented this using lots of plugins that we were able to connect to our other systems. We built very flexible pipelines using Jenkins, and we developed groovy functions to encapsulate business logic and many other functionalities.

Results using Jenkins included:

  • A faster process to onboard new customer
  • Low-cost process
  • Easy-to-change workflows
  • Operational efficiency