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Sincrovia fleet management system

Submitted By Jenkins User Diogo Alves de Almeida
A Brazilian logistics problem easily solved by Jenkins and CI/CD, speeding builds and shortening development cycles\\.\\
Organization: Sincrovia Soluções Tecnológicas, <> **Industry:** Logistics**Programming Language:** Java, Node.js **Platform** : Android, iOS, Docker or Kubernetes, Linux**Version Control System:** GitHub**Build Tool:** Maven**Teammates:** Luís Felipe Costa, Software Engineer and Guimarães Teixeira, CEO, Sincrovia Soluções Tecnológicas

Jenkins mapped out trucking logistics, plus management of drivers, travel itineraries, and expenses.

Background: We needed a continuous integration solution that would quickly and easily deploy our versions. Because our customers who need this agility are located throughout Brazil, we could not be "of the air" and delayed with a time-consuming deployment. Goals: Control of fleet of trucks, drivers, travel, expenses, all through an integrated system to an application and a web system. Solution & Results: Our maturity as a developer unit was acquired with Jenkins and the continuous integration it supports to solve our difficulty in generating automatic builds. With Jenkins, our implementation process is very fast. We learned to use continuous integration, generating builds, and deploying software in a single, fully automated place. Our team has gained a lot of maturity with this process. These plugins were essential to our success with the platform and the quality of our product:

  • Maven Plugin
  • Amazon EC2 Plugin
  • Pipeline Plugin
  • Docker Plugin for Jenkins
  • JUnit Plugin

Three things that were quickly resolved:

  • Faster builds saved us time for what really matters: development.
  • Development cycles shortened from 1 week to 1 day
  • Improved customer confidence in solving the problem immediately
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Diogo Alves de Almeida, Student, Sincrovia Soluções Tecnológicas