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High Availability

Submitted By Jenkins User Mayank Goyal
A developer in India found joy in getting Jenkins to handle a menial and mundane -- but very important -- task.
Industries: Education
Programming Languages: Python, Shell
Platform: : Linux
Version Control System: GitHub
Build Tools: Maven
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

It's simple. We used Jenkins to turn dev machines on, off, and on again - automatically.

Background: This was just a basic project. We had to make sure all the deployment machines are up and running because every machine can run up to 50 hrs from the start, and then they will be switched off. So we had to update run time manually but later we used Jenkins and automated it.

Goals: The goal was to make sure all the deployments/machines are up and running.

Solution & Results: We used the Jenkins Cron job to make sure all the machines are systematically shut down and restarted as required. It was very simple and it didn't even require any plugins.

Our results were also very simple - and very successful!

Since we were using multiple machines, Jenkins helped to maintain all of them from a single job.
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Mayank Goyal, Developer in India
  • Result #1 -- No downtime
  • Result #2 -- Internal stakeholders can access the machine
  • Result #3 -- No manual run