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Command Control System and Tactical Datalink

Submitted By Jenkins User Ferdila Rahmi
Indonesian electricity tech leader finds that Jenkins and DevOps provide smarter automation and happier developers.
Organization: PT Len Industri, <>
Industries: Defence Electronics
Programming Languages: Java
Platform: : Linux
Version Control System: Subversion
Build Tools: Gradle
Community Support: Networking at Jenkins event, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Making more agile deliverables through Jenkins integration.

Background: PT Len Industri is engaged in the Indonesian electronics industry. The technology that Len has developed has a strategic role in improving the welfare of society which is channeled through renewable energy products. LEN also continues to actively support Indonesia by providing products in the fields of defense, transportation, and ICT.

Goals: The primary goal of this program is to build a robust integration system -- air, surface, subsurface, land -- to support situational awareness and tactical actions. We were looking to make more agile deliverables that are easier to manage and maintain. Secondary goals were to work better as a team, improve continuous delivery schedules, easily merge with new features, and accommodate changing schedules and requirements.

Solution & Results: Working as a team, we need a code integrator to deploy and test. We also have continuous delivery schedules and factory acceptance tests with users for each release period. We maintain every released product installed and rebuild new features to be set up for the next delivery. Sometimes it's challenging when versioning must be released because user's schedules and requirements are constantly changing. But with Jenkins and other DevOps tools -- like automatic code integration and continuous delivery -- we have found a better balance and happier developers.

Results that come to mind include:

Jenkins finishes all unclear pipelines, and helps the team focus on development through a quality process and happy code.
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Ferdila Rahmi, Software Engineer, PT Len Industri
  • controlled pipeline release cycles and faster development
  • improved product and code quality with SonarQube
  • well-integrated with other DevOps tools and automation
  • extensible
  • open source