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Automating Testing and Reporting for Online Retailer

Submitted By Jenkins User Konstantin Starovoytov
Using Jenkins helped the ISsoft technology team configure and manage CI testing, making their working processes a whole lot better.
Version Control System: Bitbucket Server
Build Tools: Maven

Increase product quality via automated testing and reporting.

**Organization: **ISsoft,

**Programming Language: **Java, Groovy

Platform*:* Windows

**Community Support: **Spoke with colleagues and peers, and referred to websites & blogs

Jenkins gave our manual QA team the possibility to use and run automation tests on their own, avoiding errors while decreasing the time it takes to execute testing.
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Konstantin Starovoytov, QA Automation, ISsoft

Background: Founded in Minsk in 2004, ISsoft is one of the largest Belarusian developers of IT solutions for the US and Western Europe markets, with 9 out of 10 clients being well-known global companies. Working on a particular client, a clothing and outdoor gear retailer with a significant e-commerce presence, IS Soft was tasked to increase test execution speed, run existing tests on remote machines automatically, and get readable high-quality test reports. More importantly, there was a need to add custom pre- and post- stages and an easy way to configure it all.

Goals: We had two goals initially. The first was to create automated tests for web & server sides. The second was to increase product quality.

Solution & Results: Using Jenkins, the ISsoft Quality Assurance team added and configured remote machines for test execution, integrating build tools, and creating a CI scheme for testing. We also implemented a declarative pipeline with pre/post steps and added preparation steps with bash scripting. Tests were prepared to pull our last code changes, then built & executed, followed by a post-action step that cleaned our environments. Finally, the system creates the report and sends results to recipients via email. Jenkins helped us to configure and manage our CI testing and made our working processes easy and enjoyable.

We used the Jenkins pipeline for implementing pre/post actions, and the email report plugin for injecting report delivery and integration with Allure reporting.

Our results?

  • simultaneously develop new tests while running existing tests
  • automated-testing allows manual QA team to always stay a step ahead
  • error avoidance via newly-added preparation step prior to commencing automation tests
  • more effective output via newly-added post step for reporting results and getting results immediately via email