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Document Generation Service

Submitted By Jenkins User Kanstantsin Harbachou
A Belarus-based startup supporting the legal industry found that automating test runs allowed even non-experienced staff to operate the CI/CD pipeline.
Organization: A custom software development company
Industries: Software, Legal
Programming Languages: Python
Platform: : Windows
Version Control System: GitHub
Build Tools: MS Build
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Framework experimentation led a legal startup to choose Jenkins.

Background: Our document generation service started as a pet-project, and it was anticipated to transform it into a startup. In moving through the transition stages, we sought to save as much capital as possible. Simultaneously, we also needed a lightweight CI system that could be used by developers and non-experienced staffers alike.

Goals: Develop a pipeline for running tests and building applications.

Solution & Results:

We wanted to experiment with different UI frameworks and to choose one that was most suitable for us. After creating a proof of concept, we spent a lot of time increasing performance and cleaning the codebase. This produced a large set of jobs starting with execution and integration to monitoring performance and conducting e2e tests on each branch before merging.

Great community and a large set of plugins made our work easier and more comfortable. Also, Jenkins helped us save money and time.
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Kanstantsin Harbachou, Test Automation Engineer

Not all of our team members had experience with OPS and testing, so we needed plugins for custom reporting of each test we would run. For the demo purposes, we created jobs for each potential customer configured by scripts.

We're very impressed with Jenkins, and not just because it is free. We love the Pipeline plugin, and Stage View which helped us to improve the visualization of the pipeline. GitHub Branch Source was used to make our work with GitHub more efficient, and as we say, comfortable. Finally, we found Allure to be an excellent tool for analyzing test runs.

The four most significant results are as follows:

  • we saved money
  • we set up Jenkins to be suitable for non-experience team members, using a large set of plugins
  • we created jobs for each potential customer with custom scripts for configuration
  • we configured pipelines for all kinds of testing