Jenkins is the way to maximum customization while giving developers no-code pipelines

Generic and Reusable Pipeline as Code

Submitted By Jenkins User Daniel Steiert
This Germanic DevOps team sought to eliminate the need to code to accelerate development across the board.
Team Members: Adam Gabrys, Tech Lead, Natalie Reed, Product Manager
Industries: Information Technology
Programming Languages: Java, Groovy
Platform: : Linux, Docker or Kubernetes
Version Control System: GitHub
Build Tools: Gradle
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

The configuration of pipeline-as-code with Jenkins reduced upgrades from 2 days to 2 hours.

Background: Our team needed to have enough flexibility to be able to write everything in code. We also needed to have IDE support and to test the solution as a project. More importantly, we sought to make use of the entire existing ecosystem already built around Jenkins.

Goals: Providing pipelines for everybody without the need to code.

Solution & Results: In addition to Jenkins Pipelines, we turned to Matrix Authorization Plugin, Kubernetes Plugin, and Gradle for our key capabilities. Our solution was an A-Grade project with lots of abstraction and tight integration with our infrastructure provider. In doing so, we were able to automatically test the pipeline code with a minimal amount of clicks.

We achieved superior results with Jenkins Pipelines, including:

Jenkins is the way to make no-code pipelines possible.
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Daniel Steiert, Senior DevOps Engineer SAP Hybris
  • Onboarding of teams 100x faster
  • Confidence in pipeline code increased to 99%
  • Upgrades that take less than 2 hours compared to 2 days of downtime before