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QA Deployments and Infra Management

Submitted By Jenkins User Rahul Kumar
DLT Labs Company needed a way to keep builds and deploys running smoothly while also giving QA teams adequate time to manage software checks without running up costs or slowing things down.
Organization: DLT Labs Company, [](
Team Members: Ajay Singh, CIO, Sumit Sharma, DevOps Engineer, DLT Labs
Industries: Payments Ecosystem
Programming Languages: Node.js
Platform: : Linux
Version Control System: Bitbucket Server
Build Tools: Scripts over Jenkins server to build the code
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

With the environment and resources available on-demand, this company saved time and money during development lifecycles.

Background: DLT Labs is a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise blockchain technologies and solutions, as well as a pioneer in the creation and implementation of standards for application development. We enable the transformation and innovation of complex multi-stakeholder processes with products like supply chain management systems, payments management, verification/reporting, and more.

The main challenge for us is to engage resources for the QA deployment which is very frequently happening during a development cycle. During this time, multiple infra resources are also running in parallel in off-hour, which will cost unnecessarily. Goals: Trim down the effort for continuous QA deployments.

Solution & Results: With the help of Jenkins, we automated all this so whenever the environment or deployment is needed one job can do everything. The environment and resources will be available on-demand, which helps us to save cost increases on the infrastructure. It also helps with time savings for the DevOps resources doing the deployments and bringing up the environment.

The very first thing we did was use Jenkins to control our Infrastructure, which is not being used in off hours. The second thing is the on-demand feature is available to the QA team, so whenever they want the environment for testing they can bring up with just a click. Lastly, we summarize all these into a single job and use it.

Jenkins makes this project rock by reducing the administrative overhead while maintaining the environment and reducing cost by automating the entire deployment lifecycle which is now on-demand.
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Rahul Kumar, Sr. DevOps Engineer, DLT Labs

The key qualities we relied on were varied bet fell mostly into these 4 buckets:

  • Plugins, Execute-shell, Bit-bucket Integration, Compatible with third-party tools.

The results are typical of many other Jenkins installations:

  • Less administrative overhead
  • Faster deployment reduces time up to 90%
  • Empowering DevOps infrastructure to manage complex platform
  • One-time effort to build which can be re-used to save time