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Open Infinity

Submitted By Jenkins User Ari Tikka
For this Finnish-based digital company, the installation of Jenkins was smooth and painless and really helped to lessen the testing burden.
Organization: TietoEVRY, <>;
Project Website: Open Infinity, <>
Industries: Software development
Programming Languages: Java
Platform: : Linux, Windows
Version Control System: GitHub
Build Tools: Maven
Community Support: websites & blogs, Spoke with colleagues and peers

Regression testing now painless and code quality assured with Jenkins.

Background: TietoEVRY is a digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. We're headquartered in Finland where our Nordic values and heritage steer our success but we employ around 25,000 experts globally. We serve thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. For our Open Infinity project, we wanted to automatically schedule and run jUnit API tests to ensure the high quality of the software component under development. In this way, we could also regression test applications under development with ease and with as little manual work as possible.

Goals: Our goal was to create an open source component based platform as a service cloud service.

Solution & Results: Our development team had only one test engineer, so there was definitely a need to automate testing. Mr. Jenkins was glad to help. We fully automated regression testing of API with Jenkins builds. Builds were scheduled to run at midnight, so test reporting was available first thing on our developers' and tester's desks the next morning. The system also sent notification emails. In this way, test reports were not forgotten.

Our installation of Jenkins was smooth and relatively painless. It fits our open source ideology very well. It really helped to take the testing burden off from the lonely tester's shoulders.

Using Jenkins helped our development team to adopt a test automation process with ease.
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Ari Tikka, Senior Test Automation Specialist, TietoEVRY

Near the end of the project, confidence in the code quality arose to such a high level that we decided to run Jenkins build every time new code was pushed to the repository. This way we could ensure that the new code was always at the highest quality level and regression tests passed instantly.

Key capabilities like scheduling of builds, email notifications, extensive plugin support and open source licensing were the things that led us to use Jenkins for this project.

The results we saw were exactly what we were looking for:

  • Regression testing was really painless
  • Code quality was confirmed with ease
  • Test automation culture was proven to be worth the effort
  • Benefits of test automation were easily proven to junior testers not familiar with DevOps technologies
  • Release cycles were shortened significantly due to shorter time spent to complete regression testing