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Terraform Pipeline

Submitted By Jenkins User Jon Wright
Software builds are 400% faster after automating the software production and the string creation process flow.
Industries: Information Technology
Programming Languages: Java, Python, Terraform HCL
Platform: : Docker or Kubernetes, Linux
Version Control System: GitLab, Subversion
Build Tools: Ant, Makefile

Building and managing multiple environments at the same time with the flexibility of Jenkins' build logic.

Background: I needed to develop a reliable and easy to maintain software development pipeline to allow for the constant building of production environment configurations and more efficient testing.

Goals: Simple. We were looking to automate software production and the string creation process.

Solution & Results: Jenkins pipelines allowed us to automate the various individual steps of our software development process and combine them all within the pipeline. With Jenkins' build logic, we were able to build multiple environments at the same time which, eventually, allowed us to build, deploy and test without much manual intervention. Our developers could focus on the part of the job they like best - innovating - rather than the maintenance of the pipe.

After developing pipelines that we were satisfied with, we found that:

Jenkins pipelines are the best way to combine tasks so they make sense to non-technical personnel.
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Jon Wright, System Administrator
  • builds are 4x faster
  • we are able to get constant checks of the baseline
  • we have the ability to have the status for each step in the pipeline