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Submitted By Jenkins User Kalin Dimitrov
This Bulgarian bank wanted a secure, agile platform to service the entire company. Their goal was to accelerate core software development and they did so with Jenkins.
Organization: Multi-bank insurer based in Bulgaria
Team Members: Emil Vulkov, Senior System Administrator, Lyubomir Stanev, Team Lead, Kalin Dimtrov, Java Team Lead
Industries: Banking
Programming Languages: Java **Platform** : Linux, Windows
Version Control System: Bitbucket Server
Build Tools: Maven
Community Support: websites & blogs, spoke with colleagues and peers

Accelerating core software development.

Background: A solid and secure technology platform is a critical foundation for any bank. But for this development team, there was a need to enable rapid innovation while simultaneously reducing manual intervention. They needed a complete CI/CD solution for fast, agile, and simplified development as well as a more streamlined deployment process for the entire company.

Goals: To accelerate core software development.

Solution & Results: We implemented a sturdy solution using Jenkins, BitBucket and Maven. And we wrote a number of custom scripts to enable our solution. Based on the nature of our products, we had to get creative, as most of the solutions out there weren't really a good fit.

After a lot of brainstorming, scripting, coding and diagramming, the end product is something we can be proud of. Basically, it solved all our problems and fulfilled our dreams. Results we're experiencing include:

Jenkins rocks because it solved all our problems and fulfilled our dreams.
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Kalin Dimitrov, Java Team Lead
  • Simplified & streamlined deployment process
  • Introduction of coding and development standards
  • Cut manual deployment efforts almost entirely